Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Our Lesson On Conflict Around The World

This week we were assigned a project on a place of conflict by our religion teacher Ms. Leahy. I was in a group with Cliodhna, Roisin, Sorcha and Aisling, we did our project on the conflict between Iraq and America that is currently going on. I found it really interesting as I didn't actually know the causes or anything about it. We discovered that it started over concerns that Iraq were hiding nuclear weapons ,even though they had said they wouldn't. Also the leader of Iraq Suddam Hussein was condemned for being a brutal Dictator, as a first step for freedom of Iraq George gave Saddam Husseim 48 hours to leave Iraq or face removal by force. In 2002 George Bush got authorization for the use of military against Iraq. The conflict is still going on today.
As well as doing our own presentation we listened to everyone else's project on there chosen place of conflict. I really enjoyed it and thought it was interesting. Ms Leahy also did her own power point on conflict in the north when she was growing up. This was really good because we got to hear her story's about it as she was actually there to see it.
I learned alot from this lesson and enjoyed it :)

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