Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sci Fest

On Friday all the Ty's were in the hall all day for the Sci fest :). We had to set up our projects at tables and judges went around and we had to present them.They then had to judge us and let 6 groups through to the next round in Tallagh on the 8th of May. I was in a group with SinĂ©ad and Roisin, we did our project on        " The Effects Of Amputation On Swimming." I was really nervous when the judges were coming near to our table but when they were there it was grand. We basically just chatted :) Three judges came to our table all together. After the judges had finished with everyone the different years in our school came to look at our projects. At the end of the day the judges announced the people who got through. They ended up picking ten to go through because they said the standard was so high. We got through! YAY! :D I really didn't think we'd get through. All the projects were great. I'm looking forward for the next round.

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