Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lollipop Day!

Today we went into town to raise money for lollipop day. It was amazing! Lollipop day is to raise awarness and money for oesophageal cancer. So we all set out in out t-shirts and caps for lollipop day to stand around Dublin asking people to donate. We had a bucket full of heart shaped lollipops and badges that we were selling for 2 euro. We were all assigned places to stand , me and Ciara were at a place that not too many people were at the start but then we moved so it was all good ;) People are really generous, loads of people donated and many did't even want a lollipop or anything in return. We even had a few € 5! It was freezing cold though and I could't feel my toes I'm telling you! After we had a break and warmed up in Mc Donalds all was good and we got some hot chocolate to heat ourselves. When we went back we were there for 5 minutes and we ran out of lollipops. We had to go back and fill up again. As we ventured back half way there we realised we had no idea where we were going. Luckily we ran into another girl who was raising money and she gave us some of hers. When it was time for us to go I was actually dissapointed even though we were freezing I had a really good day and I would love to do that again! :)

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