Tuesday, 19 March 2013

emotional retreat

Last Wednesday all the tys went to tallaght for a retreat. Honestly I didn't know what to expect, but I definitely didn't expect what we got. We went in and we were split into groups of 12 groups we went with our friends and we had to make sure we were comfortable with the people we were with. We then went into a room with our group and a women whos name I can't remember. We sat in a big circle and we all had to talk. We started off with simple things like who was in our family etc. And we discussed basically everything. We then went for a break and we had tea and biscuits :) yum. We went back and continued with the conversation. We had to say what our favourite time has been so far in life and then our worst time. When we reached these topics it started getting emotional and a lot of people really opened up. It was a strange experience but I felt better after. Then it was lunch and we had tea and biscuits again! : D
When we went back this time to lighten the mood we all wrote our names on a sheet and passed them around and people wrote nice things about each other on them. This was a really nice thing and everyone felt really good after. I really enjoyed this retreat and would love to go back again!

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