Saturday, 22 September 2012

Carlingford Adventure Center!! Day 2

So the next day we're woken up at 7:20 ( I have to say it killed me a little inside) , to pack and be down for breakfast at eight. As I have mentioned before, I am not a morning person so I was pretty narky all morning ( sorry to anyone who was near me). We had to walk over to the big field place where they have all their obstacles and stuff with our instructors for that task including Leslie, or as we like to call Lesboy or The Lessinator. (He is a legend.) Our activity that morning was a sort of obstacle hunt. We were put into groups of about ten and were given a map, on the map were a load of different obstacles, we had to complete as many as possible and for each we were given a certain amount of jewels. I think my team was the bomb, we were lead by The Lessinator .  We managed to get twenty five jewels, tying first place with another group. That was a fantastic activity and i really had fun!!
       We then had lunch and went to our second activity which was LASER GUNS!!! As you can probably tell from the capitol letters, I loved laser guns. We had to wear badass army gear and march up to a big forest area with army hide-outs and those things that you always see in movies were people hide behind and shoot from. It looked epic! We were all told how to use the guns and were put into two teams, the blues and  the reds. I was on the reds. There were loads of different games that lasted about fifteen minutes each. It was soo amazing! We all went into soldier mode. It was hilarious! : D
    When laser guns was over we had to go back to the place, get our bags and go home. That was sad, we all wanted to stay longer! Now we are actually trying to organize another trip to Carlingford because we all loved it so much, I really hope we get to go back!

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