Saturday, 22 September 2012

Carlingford adventure center!!! Day One

It's  Friday the 21st of September, and Ty is still great! Even better then before to be honest. This Monday we went to Carlingford Adventure Center. It was the best two days ever! Seriously. We left on the bus from esso garage at 7 in the mornring. That meant I had to get up at 6 and I am not a morning person! : / I have to say it was worth it though. When we got there we were split up into two groups and we headed off to our first activity. For my group that meant kayaking! We had to put on wet suits that were ripped at the bum and already wet, that wasnt nice. Once we got in though it was so fun! We paddled out to sea in a group.I was on a kayack with cliodhna and we weren't the most talented rowers if I'm honest, we were miles behind everyone. Luckily we got a lift on the speed boat to try catch up.. that came with a price.. they toppled us over into the water!!
      We went back to have lunch after the water activities were over and got ready for the next one which was high ropes and zorbing. That was incredible, even though i was now feeling sick I think zorbing was my favorite. We had to get strapped into a massive ball after we rolled it up a hill. They then let go of the ball and sent us rolling down the hill. It was sooo fun!!
    After dinner we went out to the forest to do the night walk. I was wrecked at this point and having to walk up a hill was not my idea of fun. When we got up to the forest we were told to put blindfolds on and hold the  shoulder of the person in front of us and walk. It started to get really good then. We were all blind and walking through a forest , tying to dodge trees, a lot of the time unsuccessfully : ) Not to mention the fact that the instructors and Mr Kennady were throwing leaves and water at us at random times for a laugh!!
     After the night walk we had free time until eleven which was when we had to go to our rooms. We went out to get some Chinese takeaway and we chillaxed in the games room. It was a great day!

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