Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Jaba Jaba Jembeing!!! :)

Yesterday we had a drumming workshop for our class. It was amazing!! We were all in a big circle in the music room, surrounded by a load of African drums. A man named Dave came in and taught
 us how to drum properly. Now before this I just called all those type of drums bongo's .. I will NEVER make that mistake again... Yeah Dave doesn't appreciate people calling those drums Bongo's. Apperently they are all called different names, the one I can remember is the jembe drum. :)

So he got us to warm our hands up by doing all these warm up exercises  Then we finally got to the actual drumming. It was so cool. At first we did these drumming games that were kind of like like a Mexican wave but drumming version! After this we started to develop on a prober beat. Once we had the hang of this we made a kind of drum band were we all got different types of drums and we made different beats with them, then put them together to create this rhythm. We had a bass drum, these shaker things, maracas and loads more. It actually sounded really good! I felt like I was in a tribe or something ; D We then recorded our beat!!

When the workshop was over I was sad. I'd really enjoyed it!
Here's the link to the jaba jaba jembe website: http://www.jabbajabbajembe.com/

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