Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Yesterday was the competition for mini company. We had to set up a little stall, showcasing our product and we all had to do a three minute presentation. Our mini company is called Stuzic. Its a study accessory app. We put study notes to popular songs to make study easy!
Tyhe stall ended up[ looking really good I thought. We got a professional poster done and we had helium baloons with our company name on it, we also got t-shirts done with our names, position in the company and logo on it. The judges came around and looked at our stall. They seemed really impressed and said that the quality of our songs were really good.
 After that it was time for our presentations. I was so nervous about the presentation that we had to do because we all had to stand up in the middle of the hall and talk in front of everyone. We all had our own little thing to say. When it was my go to speak I was so nervous. I'm terrible at public speaking! I stumbled through, stuttering but trying to act calm and professional... It didn't work.
After we gave our little presentation they asked us questions. They asked this question that I didn't really understand but for some strange reason, like the idiot I am, I decide to jump in and answer it. So there I am standing with no idea what to say. I managed to say some rubbish about something, but judging by the judges faces it was not the right thing to say : L. Luckily Ciara jumped in and answed it right.
After everyone had finished their presentations we were told who were shortlisted.. We were! Yay! We also won the innovation award. It was  good day :)

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