Tuesday, 22 January 2013

BT young scientist

Last Thursday I went to the BT Young Scientist exhibition in the RDS with my year. It was a good day but I was too tired to enjoy it really if I'm honest.
I skipped looking at all the projects and went straight to the place that give out loads of free stuff, I entered a load of competitions to win prizes but didn't win any in the end :( ....  disappointing.
 After a good while looking around there It started getting really packed and we were hungry so we went outside to eat. Usually they have a big chocolate fountain there, but for some reason this year it wasn't there!.. Damn. I'd spent most of the day searching for it.
After sitting in a cafe without buying anything for as long as we could we were forced to go back to the crowds. We decided to look around at the projects for a while.. You'd be suprized how many projects were on cows or something to do with cows... seriously.
We went over and looked at the project from Wolstans that made it this year. After that we found a stall that nobody was at.. so we decided to sit there and pretend it was ours... unfortunately while we were there a judge came over and started asking us questions... We started answering confidently.. but that lasted 10 seconds because I'm absolutely terrible at lying
.After apologizing we got up and walked around some more. While walking we came across a Que so me, Ciara and Alana decided to join it. It was to a 3D movie talk on space. That was good as we could sit down. The 3D worked really well! It was actually pretty cool. Also I found out there's like 10 different suns and our sun is like a midget sun.
After that we went outside to meet up with the rest of the year to go home. :) 

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