Friday, 9 November 2012

junk kouture and mini companying!!

  It's the first week back from our midterm break, it's already like it never happened!! We're back to our usual work; junk koutore, mini- company....I havn't actually mentioned these projects much at all have I?..  For junk kouture we've gotton pretty far. We're finished the whole corset which we made from chicken wire , and paper mache. We then stuck little toys onto it to make a design. I think it actually looks quite good : /  .. I don't know what we're going to do next though.
   For mini company I'm in a a group with 6 other girls. We've decided to make an app where we replace the normal lyrics of popular songs with study notes so far from the junior cert. We're hoping the lyrics will get stuck in peoples heads and it'll help them remember  the chapter. The only problem is , we have no clue how to make an app or how to actually make money out of it. We're going to write songs after school today :)   That's all for now really!

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