Tuesday, 27 November 2012

james bond!!

On Friday we're going to our second workshop thing for mini-company.. well It's really our third. It's going to be pretty cool because it's on in white water shopping centre so I'm hoping to maybe slip a bit of shopping in there too:). The last ones were on in the odeon cinema in naas, we we'rent actually watching a movie , just for some reason it was held there... I dunno
 The last time we went there we were supposed to get a talk on mini company but the speaker fell sick at the last minute. Hopefully she was okay. The teachers went out to discuss what to do.. they finally came up with a conclusion...... Watch a movie!!!!  We all started  cheering , it was epic. We got to watch SKY FALL 007! For free! I'd already seen it but I really enjoyed it and wanted to see it again. We were all so excited and could'nt believe our luck! Seriously, we were like aw that poor speaker I hope she's alright, then as soon as we heard we could watch a movie we completely forgot about it.( I feel kind of bad if I'm honest : / ) but it was a good day! After the film we we're all still buzzing and the cinema people just started handing out everyone free popcorn, drinks, sweets and these Madagascar cups. It was a very good day.

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